Welcome To Harsh Reality

Harsh Reality is the online headquarters for the band, Third World Sun. 

We've often been asked what the name of the band means. One of our answers, for there are many, is that we believe the sun in a third world country is a harsh sun. It shines a bright light and it's not always pleasant in that light. While we like to play upbeat, positive music, sometimes, if you dig a little deeper into the lyrics, you may find that we're saying something that perhaps needs to be said. Or might not even be popular. It's from this definition of the band's name that this site gets it's name: Harsh Reality.

From this site, via the navigation to the right, you can get to all Third World Sun social media pages, stream and buy the band's music, view pictures and videos, engage with the band via Facebook, stay up-to-date on upcoming shows and new songs and even purchase TWS gear.

Band members will also post on a variety of subjects here, starting with a series of Behind The Songs that detail the origins of all seventeen songs on the independently-produced debut Third World Sun album. And once those are done, maybe we'll start sharing about the new songs we're writing and incorporating in to our sets.

Also, don't miss The Third World Sun Story, an in-depth history of the band. The link can be accessed in the horizontal navigation just under the header imagery.

We hope you'll enjoy your time at Harsh Reality. We also hope you'll come back frequently and that you'll tell all your friends about Third World Sun.


- Carhart, lead singer and bassist

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