Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Behind The Songs: ECLIPSE: Find Me

The batch of songs that made up our debut album/CD were mostly Lauch Pad songs that Lori and I had written and, after her passing and the formation of the new band, the guys and I just decided to re-purpose. That decision was made shortly after Lori’s passing in 2014. After that time, we wrote many new songs and played many of them for three plus years before finally recording them for Eclipse. Which is where the name of the project comes from. We’ve truly eclipsed where we were when we started. There are still a couple Launch Pad songs in this batch. Little Miss Sunshine, Pitter Patter Blues and This Is The Place all get a Lori co-writing credit. But the best of this new batch of songs were written more in the spirit of collaboration as a band. We’re proud of that and proud of this batch of songs. And we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we like to play them.

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Find Me
(Johnson, Driml, Carhart)

Lead vocal: Scotty Zero & Paul Carhart
© 2019 Third World Sun, all rights reserved, all media.

I wanna get right, wanna sing Your tune
Change is in the air hope it's comin' soon
It's all around me
Wellin' up inside of me

Wings get tired and I can't land
When I'm broken and bitter won't you help me stand?
'Cause I wanna be free.
I wanna be me

Find me...

Hate came knockin' and I turn and run
'Cause hate kills people like a loaded gun
It's all around me
Closing in on me

And in the end, I know I'll fall
Again and again 'til I hear Your call
Won't you come and find me?
Lord, come and find me

Find me...

If every boy and girl could follow The Son,
The world would be Heaven and the people be one, yeah (x7)

Scotty brought the opening guitar riff and the chords for the verses to us at a band practice. He also had lyrics. He played it for us and we quickly figured out how the verses should go (interspersed with the hook). But I felt like it was missing something. So I threw together a walking progression on the spot for the chorus and picked up on a couple words from Scotty's, second verse to sing over it a few times. The song got its name from that. Scotty likes to lay down tracks in single-takes but this is one where he came back after we had laid down his vocal tracks for the verses and he wanted to do them again to improve the timing. So we did that. The idea for the break after the guitar solo was also Scotty’s. I added the harmony and we pretty much build the song back up basically from scratch right there. I also played a fretless bass in this section as well as during the intro of the song. Biff then takes us for a bit of a ride before we finally end the song, seeing if he can take it faster than I can keep up with. Most nights, I do okay.

We decided to experiment with launching a digital single prior to producing the entire Eclipse CD and we decided that Find Me would be that first single.

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