Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Behind the Songs: ECLIPSE: Little Miss Sunshine

This new batch of songs that make up Eclipse were written more in the spirit of collaboration as a band than were the songs that made up our debut album. We’re proud of that and proud of this batch of songs. And we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we like to play them.

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Little Miss Sunshine (Carhart, Carhart, Johnson, Driml)

Lead vocal: Paul Carhart
© 2019 Third World Sun, all rights reserved, all media.

Little Miss Sunshine
Smile full of holes
Heart full of vipers
A dark, disturbed soul
Always a comment
A sneer or a scoff
One foot in the grave
And the other sawed off

So where can you go?
Who can you seek to heal you?
What can you do?
Don't let the darkness steal you!

There's only one chance at all
There's only one hope to find
Enter the throne of grace
And let His Son shine

Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!
Little Miss Sunshine
Life tattered and torn
Face full of it
Since the day you were born
Life full of pain
Of your own design
You live in a shadow
There is no sunshine


The first Launch Pad song of the batch, this song was one of Scotty and Biff’s favorites when we played it in the old band. The verse progressions are pure Lori. As was often the case with our writing, the progressions in the bridge and the chorus came from me. Many of our songs were merging a piece she wrote with a piece I wrote. After awhile, Lori had decided to retire the song. She had decided she didn’t really want to sing it anymore. She felt that the verses were sorta harsh. Plus we were writing new stuff and it sorta fell by the wayside, much to the dismay of Scotty and Biff. The point of the song is: No matter how messed up it seems you are (the verses), there’s only one way for redemption: Jesus. Any other message you get from the song is your mind playing tricks on you. The Launch Pad version had a hippy sort of vibe to it, with Scotty playing a wah pedal. The new Third World Sun version attempts to maintain some of that vibe. But instead of a wah pedal, the lead guitar has a sitar-like quality to it in the Third World Sun version.

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