Thursday, May 9, 2019

Behind the Songs: ECLIPSE: Pitter Patter Blues

This new batch of songs that make up Eclipse were written more in the spirit of collaboration as a band than were the songs that made up our debut album. We’re proud of that and proud of this batch of songs. And we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we like to play them.

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Pitter Patter Blues (Carhart, Carhart, Johnson, Driml)
Lead vocal: Paul Carhart
© 2019 Third World Sun. All rights reserved by all media.

We waddled through our pain
Feelin the pitter patter of Your rain
For a season we got benched
About time we got drenched

Pitter patter. What's the matter?
Pitter patter. What's the matter?
Pitter patter. What's the matter?
We've been waiting for Your thunderstorm!


Another Launch Pad song. For some reason, Lori really liked the idea of having at least one song for ever musical genre. We had a power ballad. We had one that had a Spanish vibe. We had at least one in which she would rap. And we had this blues-ish number. Third World Sun pulled this one back out when we did a feature spot on Blues Night in downtown Long Beach. Not being a blues band, we dusted this song off and, with the caveat that it’s about as close to blues as we get, we slipped it into our repertoire. The lyrics, written by Lori, not surprisingly turn out to be pretty spiritually deep (likening the Holy Spirit to water the way the Bible does throughout).

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