Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Behind the Songs: ECLIPSE: Enter The Maw

This new batch of songs that make up Eclipse were written more in the spirit of collaboration as a band than were the songs that made up our debut album. We’re proud of that and proud of this batch of songs. And we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we like to play them.

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Enter The Maw
(Johnson, Driml, Carhart)

Lead vocal: Paul Carhart
© 2019 Third World Sun, all rights reserved, all media.

Toss aside your razor
Throw away your pen
Easier to buy a new car
Than to fix it up again

Enter the maw of destruction
We consumers of life
Easier to get a new model
Of a car, a phone, a wife

DVD to BluRay
Easier and cheaper
Just to pay to get the upgrade

Enter the maw of destruction
We consumers of life
Trading in and trading up
It's our way of life

This song came from a jam that we did at a rehearsal. Especially the verse breaks. We added the chord progression that makes up the choruses and the intro after we worked out how the verses should play out. I had actually already previously written these lyrics (that poke ironic fun at our consumeristic culture) and had never fit them to anything. With a minimum amount of tweaking, I was able to get them to fit the structure of our jam. We were playing this together for awhile when, one practice, Biff started doing this background vocal thing (La-las) in the chorus. It became such a part of the song, that we captured it for the studio take as well.

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