Thursday, May 9, 2019

Behind the Songs: ECLIPSE: This Is The Place

This new batch of songs that make up Eclipse were written more in the spirit of collaboration as a band than were the songs that made up our debut album. We’re proud of that and proud of this batch of songs. And we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we like to play them.

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This Is The Place
(Carhart, Carhart, Johnson, Driml)
Lead vocal: Paul Carhart
© 2019 Third World Sun. All rights reserved by all media.

This is the place
Where Your spirit
Is uncontrolled

Go ahead and have Your way


The last of the Launch Pad songs for this project, this song was actually written primarily by Lori. She had a heart for worship and really only ever wanted to be a worship leader, a calling she fulfilled briefly when we were part of the worship team at a church in Colorado which led to leading worship at a Fopursquare church in Long Beach without a team. We, as a couple, left that behind to start Launch Pad, which was meant to be a band as well as sort of a worship movement. Lori always felt that corporate worship never got as deep as she would have liked. She believed the Holy Spirit wanted to move more than we would let it because we would quench it with the need to cut it short and pass the plate or make announcements or give the pastor some time to preach. I’m not sure that she would have ever been satisfied with the amount of time in a service given over to worship. That said, I came across her playing this song on our living room piano. Three simple chords and the words just coming from her as she played. Nothing was written down until I started jotting it down. “What chords are you playing?” I asked. In Launch Pad, we started opening with this song, no matter where we played (bars, churches, etc.) as a way of sorta dedicating the stage and our performance to God and asking Him to show up and have His way. We still do it every once in awhile. And, sometimes, like with Caida from our first CD, I can sometimes sense Lori (or maybe I just hear her voice in my head) in the music. In fact, since we recorded the song in the same key as the Launch Pad version, I was able to pull three of her vocal tracks (one lead and two harmonies) over from the Launch Pad recording and mix them into the interlude between verses and again at the end of the song. That’s actually Lori’s voice, recorded roughly five years before we recorded the music for this version. The song ends with Lori’s voice singing, “Go ahead and have your way.”

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