Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Behind the Songs: ECLIPSE: Sister Mary's House

This new batch of songs that make up Eclipse were written more in the spirit of collaboration as a band than were the songs that made up our debut album. We’re proud of that and proud of this batch of songs. And we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we like to play them.

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Sister Mary's House (Johnson, Driml, Carhart, Remington)

Lead vocal: Scotty Zero
© 2019 Third World Sun, all rights reserved, all media.

Riding home with a broken nose
And the blood is mixing with my tears
So I wrote a song everybody knows
But what the hell’d we do with the years?

Had a girl. Had to leave her at home
She’s out of sight. I’m out of my mind
Live in my head but I’m not alone
It’s a another séance every night

Sister Mary, won’t you take me home
To your place where we can be alone?
Rock and rollin right between the sheets
And I’ll sing your praises when our spirits meet

So I think about you wonder what went wrong
Well the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting long
Hangin out at the local dive bar
Drinking whisky bottles and playin guitar but...

Sister Mary, where's your favor?
You know I wonder where you've been
Sister Mary, you’re much braver
We always play but we never win

Let's turn this thing around!

We live our lives but we never know
How much longer 'til the end of the show
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
When you're through with money: In God we trust, yeah.

Sister Mary, He's our savior
Yeah, He's the one that takes our sins
Sister Mary, He's much braver
Well we always play, but He always wins


Scotty wrote this one with a friend named Stizzy and brought it to the band. We started playing it live and it got pretty good responses. It’s quite a departure from our usual Christian fare. We call it a cautionary tale. In fact, if you pay attention, after the guitar solo, Scotty cries, “Let’s turn this thing around!” After that, the song literally repents and the lyrics change to evoke a more Christian slant.

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