Friday, December 22, 2017

Behind The Songs - Vino

Many of the songs that make up Third World Sun’s first CD took a circuitous route to get to where they are today. Indeed most of them even continue to evolve since we recorded them as we continue to play them live. Because of this, I wanted to document how these songs came about before I forget and it all just becomes a blur. - Carhart

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Vino (Johnson, Driml, Carhart, Carhart)

I think it was over the holiday break. And I think we were between guitarists. And Lori was feeling creative. So there was this brief period where she started improvising melodies and lyrics over Apple Loops in garage band. She’d have me record her melodies over the pre-recorded loop and then she’d put them on her iPod and go running to it. This is where Vino got its genesis. After the break and when Launch Pad resumed, I discected the loop a little. It was only two notes. I had no idea which two so I just picked two… C and F. I started playing those two notes on the bass back and forth and Lori ported her melody over to that. From there, it got more fleshed out. The bass line got more peppy. The guitar, more poppy. It’s still basically only two chords, but we play around it more. On the Launch Pad version, Lori did some improvising that we don’t do in TWS. On the CD, I actually deliver some of the lines the way she did to pay tribute to her version of the song. Also, on the TWS recording, I played my Ibanez fretless bass, which I don’t typically switch to live. The song has morphed some away from the Launch Pad version but the lyrics and melody are still 100% Lori.

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