Friday, December 22, 2017

Behind The Songs - Do You Got The Stones?

Many of the songs that make up Third World Sun’s first CD took a circuitous route to get to where they are today. Indeed most of them even continue to evolve since we recorded them as we continue to play them live. I wanted to document how these songs came about before I forget and it all just becomes a blur. - Carhart

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Do You Got The Stones? (Johnson, Driml, Carhart, Carhart)

This one was pretty much mine and it survives pretty close to how I envisioned it. The TWS guys have just given it more of an edge. In the Launch Pad version, Lori originally sang the bridge. She actually wasn’t real happy with the lyrics the way I originally wrote them. The original bridge went: “I’ve got news for you. The life you know is through. Putting them in your hand doesn’t make you a man.” She actually sang it that way for awhile but then she decided she didn’t want to sing that anymore. So I tweaked them to be more to her liking. The new version: “I’ve got news for you. The life you know is through. What you’ve heard is true. The rest is up to you!” After she passed away, I suppose I could have restored them to what I originally had written but I decided to leave them the way Lori liked them. Typically, we end each show with this song and I usually preface it with something along the lines of, “This next song poses a very important question for all mankind. Please, as you leave here tonight, ponder this important question: Do you got the stones?” And then we jump right into it. On a good night, we’ll drag out the ending Spinal Tap style and have a lot of fun with it. The song has gotten a great response and even some requests.

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