Friday, December 15, 2017

Behind The Songs - Live Life

Many of the songs that make up Third World Sun’s first CD took a circuitous route to get to where they are today. Indeed most of them even continue to evolve since we recorded them as we continue to play them live. Because of this, I wanted to document how these songs came about before I forget and it all just becomes a blur. - Carhart

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Live Life (Johnson, Driml, Carhart, Carhart)

Lori wrote this one as a slow worship piece. All the chords and the lyrics were the same. It was just much much slower. I don’t really remember why, but while she was teaching me to play along with her on the bass, I started playing it really fast (for us) and she liked it. At the time, Lori wasn’t very confident in her keyboard playing to play a faster song and also sing it. So she asked me if I wanted to sing it. And that’s how this song came about. Lori used to sing the bridge part “I gotta be me. I gotta live life. I gotta be free!” on the Launch Pad version. On the recording, she put some harmonies in there that I later learned in order to do it live. For the TWS recording of the song, I sing both parts pretty close to the way she did. Live Life was a popular Launch Pad standard once Scott added his guitar solos to it. We carried all that over to the TWS version. Live Life was a candidate for inclusion in our Third World Sun sets mostly because I sang it in Launch Pad.

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